Microsoft Windows-as-a-Service


Azure Cloud Servers – NBN available? Free up valuable office real-estate by moving your current practice server software to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Cloud services coupled with NBN – Capable of high-performance, low latency (delay) services
Improve on-premise patient database transaction speeds
Secure file sharing
Large files downloads at speeds comparable to or faster than

Other benefits include having the ability to pay monthly with zero capital needing to be invested in server hardware purchases and outright license costs.

Fast Backup Recovery – Restore broken Windows Server installations to on-premise hardware or run a second copy on the cloud to test critial updates or changes.

Providers reliable protection from:
Software failure
Unsuccessful Software Patching
Ransomware attacks c
Database Corruption – caused by power failure or practice software vendor version upgrades
Accidental or deliberate file modification

Common Standards – Afraid of locking your business in to any single service or cloud provider? No need!

Migrating includes the ability to use your existing domain structure, logins and share points. If you decide to change cloud services provider from Microsoft to others such such as IBM, Amazon or back to on-primes, the process is simple, fast and supported by most commercial IT service providers.


Safe, secure and compliant following best-practice security recommendations provided by software vendors such as Microsoft and Software of Excellence,


With Australian privacy laws becoming more stringent in 2018 from the introduction of data breach and disclosure rules obligating all dental practices, regardless of size, to report any data breach, regularly maintaining and monitoring your practice computer network for patch compliance and intrusion can save you from potential damage to your reputation or financial ruin.

Reports can be used for insurance auditing purposes.  High volume practices or government funded dental clinics can use cryptographic notary services to digitally sign monthly compliance reports. The reports are considered immutable to authenticity challenge and may provide protection from legal or regulatory bodies in the event of a notifiable data breach under the act.


Interested in evaluating? Contact us for a toothful IT evaluation. If you have access to fast internet or NBN, we can visit you to test that your environment is suited and demonstrate the service before making any changes to your network. We have access to most practice management software in use in Australia and have the ability to demonstrate most patient management software packages.