Nearly every dental practice in Australia makes use of various IT products to assist with their day-to-day operations.

#1 – Set practice workstations to automatically run Windows update overnight

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Dental practices trying to enforce green environmental policies often painstakingly and mistakenly shutdown workstations at night. The two common assumptions are that the practice will enjoy costs and overall emissions savings as well as improve the expected lifetime of workstation hardware. Both assumptions are incorrect and lead to higher energy usage and frustrations with Windows updates running during practice hours, potentially leaving workstations unavailable for hours at a time.

First, let’s tackle the power consumption issue. Setting workstations to automatically sleep

2. Use automation to improve patient recall rate

Prevent and Monitor

3, 2, 1, Backup!

Train your staff

If your website is linked to your appointment system, lock it down.

Turn on email encryption

Check Network Security

Create IT Policies
-Create template
-Assign an “IT manager” to be responsible for reporting IT check and key statistics

Use Windows Software Policies to lock down workstations.
Prevent USB Access
Remove the ability to save files locally

Bonus: Choosing a Managed IT Support provider to improve practice IT security and efficiency