What is a Managed IT Services Provider?

A Managed IT Services Provider is essentially an outsourced IT department – offering companies best practices and workflow management which reduces risk, improves competitive advantage and enhances operational efficiency.

Managed IT services providers, such as Analog Digital Services, specialises in serving small businesses with fixed-fee, customisable IT support and consulting plans designed to minimise risk, streamline operations, reduce stress, stabilise networks and secure your technology.

Whether you have an in-house IT staff member who needs occasional help with projects, strategy or ideas; or you need a complete managed IT services provider, or you’re looking for a local cloud service provider with 24/7 support, a managed IT services provider is there to help.

Managed IT services providers can help you leverage your computing infrastructure to move your business forward as well as identify potential threats before they become an inconvenience or even worse – a significant liability.

This pre-emptive methodology ensures that your computers and networks run more efficiently, avoiding unexpected disruptions that can lead to downtime for staff and customers. Based on a flat monthly fee, this is the most cost-effective way to avoid the unplanned expense associated with a “break-fix” model of IT support or in-house resources who may be stretched too thin.

If you don’t have the time or available skilled resources or if you don’t want the burden of managing an IT employee or department then our Prepaid Managed IT Services Plan is the answer. It’s like having your very own virtual technology department at a fraction of the cost of hiring an IT employee.

Reliable technology services and system uptime are essential to your day to day operations. Without it, your productivity suffers and so does your bottom line.

Analog Digital Services Managed IT Solutions are a cost-effective way to maintain your servers, workstations, printers and networks from any internet-accessible location in Australia. You can remain focused on your core competencies while being assured that your back office IT operations are in the hands of professionals.

The Proactive Support Plan includes the following benefits:

All Remote Access Service Calls
All Telephone Helpdesk Support
Proactive Remote Monitoring (RMM)
Local 24/7 Help Desk, Staffed By English Speaking Australians!
10% off RRP For Hardware & Software Purchases (Excluding Apple)
25% off RRP For Technician Onsite Visits
Pricing set for the period of the contract, either 1, 2 or 3 years or none at all.
Payment by credit or debit card, either monthly or weekly

What is Technology-as-a-Service?

Technology as a Service (TaaS) allows companies to avoid the ongoing and significant expense of repeatedly having to buy the latest computer hardware and required software needed to keep your technology up to date.

Can You Afford To Keep Up With Technology?

No business can afford not to, but the costs of buying new hardware and software every few years can be overwhelming, particularly for SMBs. Analog Digital Services provides Hardware as a Service to alleviate that burden. For a flat monthly fee, your business can be fully equipped with the latest technologies including servers, workstations and printers. We also provide operating systems, office suites and any specialised software required by your business, and we monitor it continually to ensure all systems are running optimally.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge With Our Technology as a Service (TaaS) Offerings:

ALWAYS utilise the latest technology.

Reduce your capital investments with reasonable, fixed monthly fees.

Enjoy worry-free IT support. Call 1300 Analog Today!

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